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The "View Your Photo" Shop is open from 12 PM until the end of park operating hours. It is suggested to come a few minutes before close in order to efficiently complete your sale before the park closes.

If it is before 2:15 PM, and you haven’t had your photo taken, there will be employees close to the front gate that will gladly take your photo. If it is after 2:15 PM, and before 5:15 PM, there should be a second employee at our “View Your Photo Shop” that can take your photo.

  • Regular Items: 5x7 prints, 4x6 magnets, keychains, and emails
  • Special Items: 5x7 with a frame, snow globe, Sharepix Card

You can purchase any of our items for $10. Any additional purchase is only $5 more. You can mix and match items and photos in your order.